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In this post I’ll show you how to convert your Eclipse into a Spring WebFlow Visual Editor. I’ve used Spring Tools Suite version 3.7.3.RELEASE.

Downloading Plugins

First we should download a plugin, in my case I have the last version of Spring Tool Suite, and then search the plugin in the SpringSource repository. To search you shoulg go to Help menu > Install or Update Software and write there the following URL:


Webflow as Machine State graph

Once downloaded, at the flow-graph tab we will be able to see graphically the state machine that controls the navigation. At this tab we can add states and specify transitions between them.


WebFlow as configuration wizzard

To configure each element parameter we should change to flow tab, having the ease that in some cases we can even select clases from inside wizard. Everything that can be done in the previous tab can be done also here, but the use of this is more suited to specify details and reorder our flow file.


Even if this will non eliminate every possible error, will allow us to reduce involuntary errors due lack of expertise in the Spring WebFlow technology.

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