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Oracle Inc. provides a course free for teach to those developers to use Lambdas and Streams of Java, which is in some way an act quite surprise. This course is a move to attract more developers to the new features 8 Java that will be the bread of every day with the upcoming release of Java 9.

Java lambda course


Totally FREE


Starts December 2, 2016 and concludes December 23, 2016


Three (3) weeks of 3-4 hours per week

Language of the course

English only

Course certificate

To the end the course will receive a distinction by finishing the course list to print and framing of part of Oracle.


  1. Alex Buckley
    • Leader of the specification of the Java language and virtual machine in Oracle.
  2. Pavel Stepanov
    • Responsible for quality of the updates of Java IS.
  3. Vladimir Kempik
    • Leader of process servers JRockit virtual machine libreacion.
  4. Nick Ristuccia
    • Developer of the plan of studies of Java Senior in Oracle
  5. Simon Ritter
    • Champion of Java and former administrator of the Java technology evangelism team.

Registration process

You can access from the page 145:10040796816707: NO: RP, 145: P145_EVENT_ID, P145_PREV_PAGE: 5067, 2.

In the bar on the right you’ll see a notification indicating that you log, once you inices session click on the enroll button.


After login will be shown the option to register for the course from the right side.

Subscribe course


A time given click in the button that says Enroll will be shown a message indicating that sent information to the email of your account.


After this process, you will receive a message similar to this:

course approval pending

And in less than 30 minutes the confirmation or denial will come also.

enrollment approved

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