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Yes… already is that already not is IntelliJ but when began with the editors of code nobody it called idea, all it knew by the name of his company that in that moment was IntelliJ subsequently to the aprec is changed the name to Jetbrains. After many good comments and suggestions enardecidas many people frustrasdas with Eclipse I decided to probrarlo. Never before had done because Netbeans gave me the width for practically all what you had to do, from prolog, Java, Ruby, Java, nodejs, but when the Clojure language caught my attention, not found how to configure a development using netbeans environment :(.

Two editions

The IDE Idea comes with two editions, the Edition comunitartia and the Edition pays (for brilliant).

Something that me liked much is that the code of the editing community can download is from github, and that also is being improved continuously by this community.

Structure of the “projects”

The first novelty with which I came was that not could have open more than one project simultaneously, which obviously allows that them fan boys say that is of it more fast that exists (which not is completely true, creamne, ran netbeans and intellij idea in a windows xp).


While the editor you allows using them methods of access abbreviated of netbeans and netbeans as if were them own, I decided to to try those that already brings integrated bumping me with that has commands for all and despite this its support for the navigation uniacmente with keyboard is horrendous. I have here some of them first that I’ve bumped.


Instead of the standard Control + W will use this to close tabs


Instead of the standard makes that normally Control + D deletes the line rather than redo an undone action

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